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Worldview and World Change

Neurotheology is an exciting developing discipline. Several books and articles have been written on Neurotheology from the perspective of brain sciences and spiritual experiences like meditation and prayer; however, I am suggesting a broader project for Neurotheology as the Science of all Beliefs.

Neurotheology is the study of how the brain and mind experience, interpret, generate and mediate belief phenomena. Neurotheology engages meaningfully diverse understandings of reality including the physical, mental, and spiritual. Its primary objectives are the following.1. Establish comprehensive, interdisciplinary approaches to understand belief phenomena. 2. Explain, interpret and predict the influences of belief phenomena to thought, feeling, behavior and experience.Although Psychology has the precocious observations of a circular hermeneutic between belief, desire and action by William James (1908), psychoanalysis thanks to Sigmund Freud, and Albert Ellis rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) as a way to dispute and replace irrational beliefs psychology lacks a comprehensive approach to work with the internal andexternal qualities of all belief phenomena.Neurotheology provides a broad conceptual framework to encompass belief perspectives whether mystical or religious, economic or political, or some other. The discipline captures major areas of human activity and affords critical, creative study of the brain, mind, belief and belief systems involved through disciplines like biology, chemistry, cognitive science, ecology, economics, genetics, neuroscience, psychology, and more.

Worldview and World Change

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