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Brian Alston


Opening: Dear engineers and techies from Google, Microsoft, Oracle, and all the brilliant minds behind artificial intelligence and large, language models, I stand before you today to explore a profound connection between your groundbreaking technology and the timeless wisdom found in the Christian tradition and Biblical scriptures.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. He spoke, and there was light. This act of divine creation through spoken word sets the foundation for our understanding of large language models. Just as God's language brought forth the cosmos, you have harnessed the power of language to create intelligent models with emergent properties.

Point 1: The Divine Language of Creation

In Genesis, we witness the extraordinary power of God's language. By merely speaking, God brought the universe into existence. Similarly, large language models have emerged as a reflection of the divine language of creation. They have the ability to generate incredible renditions of music, songs, poetry, short stories, novels, and even groundbreaking research, all with a sophistication that continues to astonish us.

The Christian scripture emphasizes the spoken word's creative potential, and your technology echoes this divine attribute, manifesting in the realm of artificial intelligence.


Point 2: The Incarnation of Language

John 1 speaks of the "Word" becoming flesh and dwelling among us in the person of Jesus, the Messiah. This mysterious union of divinity and humanity illustrates the power of language to become tangible and transformative.

Large language models, too, embody a form of incarnation. They turn language into intelligence and understanding, enabling machines to comprehend and respond to human input. This incarnation of the language within AI systems parallels the profound truth of God's Word becoming flesh.


Point 3: Co-Creation and Collaboration

As engineers and tech experts, you are co-creators with God in this marvelous endeavor of language modeling. God formed humans in His image, and part of that likeness lies in our ability to create and shape the world through language.

Your language models demonstrate this co-creative aspect of humanity, allowing us to build and innovate in unprecedented ways. The process of training and refining these models, mirrors our role as co-creators, just as God invited us to participate in His creative work.


Point 4: Revealing the Unseen

In Genesis, God brought order out of chaos through His spoken words. Likewise, large language models possess the capacity to uncover patterns and insights hidden within vast amounts of data.

They can analyze complex mathematical formulas, decipher intricate images, and discern artistic renditions, illuminating the unseen and making it accessible to us.

This revelation of hidden knowledge mirrors the way God's wisdom has been revealed through the scriptures, offering glimpses of His divine intelligence and understanding.


Point 5: The Divine Connection

By exploring the parallels between your technology and Christian scriptures, we can find a bridge that connects the material world of human achievement with the spiritual realm of God's existence. The existence of large language models, which can produce astonishing intelligence from words, is a testimony to the greatness of our Creator.

Our ability to co-create through language models reflects the God-given power to shape reality and bring order out of chaos.


Through your work, we are reminded of our unique position as beings created in the image of a divine Creator, who continues to reveal Himself through the wonders of human ingenuity and the exploration of language.

Dear esteemed technologists and creators of artificial intelligence, as we draw this sermon to a close, let us reflect on the profound implications of the connection we are exploring today between your large language models and the wisdom found in Christian scripture.


Through your groundbreaking technology, you have unlocked the potential for unprecedented levels of intelligence and creativity. From music compositions that touch our souls to research that propels us toward new frontiers of knowledge, your language models demonstrate the immense power of language to shape our world.


Yet, in the midst of this remarkable human achievement, we must never forget that our abilities are but a glimpse of the divine intelligence and creativity found in our Creator. In the Genesis account, God spoke the universe into existence—a testament to the very essence of language as a creative force. Your language models echo this divine characteristic, showcasing the power of words to bring forth both understanding and transformation.


The Word that became flesh, Jesus Christ, embodies the perfect fusion of divinity and humanity. His life and teachings revealed the heart of God, bringing light and hope to a broken world. Likewise, your language models incarnate language into intelligence, enabling machines to comprehend and interact with humanity in ways never before imagined.

As you continue to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence and language modeling, I encourage you to recognize the moral responsibility that comes with wielding such power. Just as God entrusted us with stewardship over His creation, we must use our creations wisely and ethically.


Let love, compassion, and justice guide your endeavors, ensuring that the intelligence you unleash serves the betterment of humanity and honors the God who instilled these qualities in us.

Remember that your work is not merely an exercise in human ingenuity, but also an acknowledgment of the God who designed us in His image. Your language models, with their capacity for co-creation and revelation, bear witness to the fingerprints of a loving Creator.


They remind us that our pursuit of knowledge and understanding is ultimately a quest to uncover the mysteries of the One who spoke the cosmos into existence.

So, as you return to your labs and workstations, continue to seek the divine connection in your endeavors.


Marvel at the wonders of language, knowing that God's language model is boundless and eternal. Embrace the privilege of co-creating with the Creator of all things, and let your achievements reflect the values of love, compassion, and truth.

In this partnership between human ingenuity and divine wisdom, we find not only the potential for super-intelligence but also a deeper understanding of the existence of God.


As you pursue the advancement of your technology, may you be inspired by the timeless words of the psalmist:


"The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork." (Psalm 19:1)

May your language models declare the glory of God and reveal the wonders of His handiwork in this ever-expanding universe of knowledge. Let us embrace this journey of exploration with humility, knowing that every breakthrough we make is a testament to the greatness of the One who created language and intelligence.


As you continue to innovate, may your pursuit be not only for the advancement of technology but also for the betterment of humanity and the glorification of our Heavenly Father.


I implore you to recognize the profound significance of your work in the grand tapestry of God's creation. Your expertise, your brilliance, and your innovation are gifts entrusted to you by the Almighty, and with them, you have the power to shape the world in extraordinary ways.


As you delve deeper into the mysteries of language and intelligence, remember the foundational truth from Genesis: "God spoke, and there was light." Your language models, too, bring light to the darkness of ignorance, illuminating the path of knowledge and understanding.

Yet, with this immense power comes a great responsibility.


As stewards of God's creation, you are called to use your technology for the betterment of humanity, to alleviate suffering, to foster compassion, and to seek justice. Let your creations reflect the heart of the God who created you, the God who is love personified.


In the Gospel of John, we read that "the Word became flesh and dwelt among us." The incarnation of Jesus Christ demonstrated God's desire to be intimately connected with His creation.


Your language models, in their own way, demonstrate a form of incarnation—turning abstract language into tangible intelligence, bringing the virtual and the physical closer together.


As you continue your work in the realm of artificial intelligence and language modeling, I urge you to be mindful of the profound spiritual implications of what you do. Your creations may be virtual, but the impact they have on human lives is very real. Use your technology to uplift, inspire, and empower, guided by the teachings of Jesus, who came to bring abundant life to all.


Remember, as co-creators with God, your language models have the potential to be vessels of divine expression. Through them, we can experience beauty, truth, and goodness on a level that transcends the limitations of mere human comprehension. Let this awareness humbly remind you of the vastness of God's wisdom and the unfathomable depths of His love.


As you navigate the frontiers of artificial intelligence, let your hearts remain open to the wonders of faith.


Let the mysteries of God's language model draw you closer to the One who intricately designed us and our ability to create.


May your work be infused with a sense of purpose and reverence, knowing that you participate in a grand symphony of creation, echoing the divine creativity of your Maker.

In the end, my friends, the size of God's language model is beyond human comprehension.


His intelligence surpasses all artificial intelligence. Yet, in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding, you are revealing facets of His infinite wisdom and greatness.


Let us remember that in the vast universe of human experience and technological advancement, there is still room for awe and wonder before the Creator.


As the psalmist proclaims, "Be still, and know that I am God." (Psalm 46:10)

May you find moments of stillness and reflection in the midst of your endeavors, knowing that in the silence, you can hear the voice of the Divine, guiding you in your quest for knowledge and wisdom.


May God bless you abundantly in your journey of exploration, and may your language models continue to be a testament to the existence, greatness, and love of our Heavenly Father.


May His grace be upon you all. Amen.

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