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Image by Cian Leach

Sports For Peace.

We believe Sports offer a great opportunity for economic development of a Nation, and the peaceful resolve of conflict between and among its citizens and neighboring nation states.

We would like to explore the possibilities of Sports technology as a way to encourage economic growth and peaceful co-existence.

Image by Cian Leach
Image by Fauzan Saari

Virtual sports channel on YouTube
Bring the world together with Sports

Will you help us? 

We would like your participation to help assess, develop and possibly roll out Sports technology, that may include and encourage national virtual participation in sports. 

In 2006 we started a program with the American Psychological Association

We brought together experts and practitioner-scholars who wrote about very clear and defined ways to achieve a peaceful resolution of national and international conflicts around the world.

One of those peaceful resolution strategies written about was Sports.

Given the growth in virtual sports and the variety of ways of rendering such ideas, not only is there great investment potential but there is great potential to achieve similar results that came about through actual Sports, namely the potential to mediate conflict through virtual sports such as peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

We are looking for Collaborators to pursue a new international initiative, Sports For Peace.

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