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White Rocks

Brian C. ALSTON began his academic study of belief from the perspectives of  Anthropology,  Political Science, Religion, and Sociology while a student at Amherst College. 

In a graduate study at Yale University Divinity School, he focused on the study of belief from perspectives of Ethics, Law, Philosophy, and Theology taking courses at Yale Divinity, Yale Law School, and Yale School of Philosophy.

Professionally, Mr. Alston pursued an interest  in belief from perspectives of  brain studies mainly the areas of Cognitive and Neuroscience through training and work as an Addictions Specialist treating gambling and chemical

Over the years Mr. Alston has delivered numerous courses, presentations, and training on Neurotheology - The Science of Beliefs from cultural, economic, political, religious, and social perspectives to professional audiences throughout the United States.

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Director’s Statement on Inclusivity
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